Parent Testimonials


“Both our daughters  attended preschool at Casa Montessori. The teachers are amazing and so thoughtful about their approach to teaching young children. They take into account the needs of every child and seamlessly incorporate all this into the classroom. The classroom is a lively and inspiring place to be with so much hands on learning happening. My children thrived in their years at Casa and we feel so lucky to have been part of the Casa Montessori community when they were young.”




“When my son is doing well, his Casa teachers challenge him and let him work for long stretches independently. When he is struggling, the school is compassionate and flexible, allowing him to grow at his own pace. If only they would open a K-12 school!”

Sarah i Sammy & Phoebe’s mom



“Dana, Meryl & and their Casa co-teachers exude warmth and dedication. Their enthusiasm for teaching and their commitment to understanding each child’s personality, interests and needs have amazed us. Their approach is organized and attentive to detail (whether preparing for a new teaching segment or for a parent conference) and they care deeply about the whole development of each child. They model respect and positivity and foster a close sense of community among the children. Casa has shaped our daughter’s sense of self and her world in so many positive ways. As parents, we are grateful for Casa’s influence, encouragement and support.”

Lise i Penelope, Finley & Julius’ mom



"Casa Montessori provided our son with an incredible learning environment which we continue to see the fruits of years after pre-school. Our son approaches life with a curiosity and purposefulness that we attribute to his experience at Casa Montessori.”