The Montessori approach

why montessori

At Casa Montessori we offer the invaluable opportunity for each child to guide his or her own learning path. This approach follows the natural curiosity of the child while teachers carefully and intentionally develop activities that spark interest and inspire inquisitiveness. We offer an individualized education, respecting each child’s unique level of ability and learning style. The Montessori approach instills a sense of wonder and awe in each and every child.


Areas of learning


practical life

These activities teach children life skills such as pouring, using a spoon, washing and opening and closing. The practical Life area helps children to learn to take care of themselves and their environment.


Sensorial materials and activities awaken the child’s ability to learn through their senses. This area offers the child opportunities to classify things around him, which, in turn, helps the child to guide his own learning.


By using concrete materials during the early years, the child learns the basic concepts of math. Through the use of manipulative materials he/she examines the concepts of number, quantity, shape and measurement.


This area includes books, stories, songs and rhymes, sequencing and matching activities and vocabulary development work. Language is truly present in all activities as children learn to speak and communicate.


In providing the very young child with authentic, quality art materials and varied media, we instill in them power over their own learning and creativity. Through art explorations, children will make endless discoveries and create original and meaningful work.


Children gather information, make observations, predict and problem solve. The Montessori approach to this area indulges the child’s natural fascination with his surroundings and natural elements found in this world.